Meet Lemur

Greg Browne, M.Eng, P.Eng
VP Engineering, Hardware Engineer

Greg has published a number of papers on proper modeling of automotive systems, as part of his Master of Engineering (Mechanical) degree. He graduated as a Fellow from Memorial University, where he also completed his Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) degree.

At Lemur Vehicle Monitors, Greg has used his automotive and OBD2 expertise to lead the design and development of the Lemur OBD2 sensing technology (including hardware and firmware).

This technology has been the foundation on which the BlueDriver®, EconoDriver®, SafeDriver®, and AlertDriver® products have been created.

Nick Barron, B.Eng, P.Eng
Quality Assurance Engineer

Delivering quality products is Lemur's top priority.

At Lemur Vehicle Monitors, Nick is responsible for defining, verifying, and enforcing the processes and procedures that are used to ensure the highest quality of results.

Prior to his role as Quality Assurance Engineer at Lemur, Nick has worked as a Computer Engineer involved in everything from hardware design to enterprise level software. Nick graduated from Memorial University with a Bachelor of Engineering (Computer).

Andrew Butt, B.Eng, P.Eng
Software Development Engineer

At Lemur Vehicle Monitors, Andrew plays a key role in the software development of the BlueDriver® application.

Prior to joining Lemur Vehicle Monitors, Andrew held software development positions at Altera and BlackBerry. Andrew graduated from Memorial University with a Bachelor of Engineering (Computer).

Maurice Tuff, B.Eng, P.Eng
CEO, Chief Architect

Maurice founded Lemur Vehicle Monitors in 2006. He is an expert in low power wireless sensor technology with a proven track record of taking ideas from concept to full commercialization.

As Chief Architect and iOS expert at Lemur, Maurice is significantly involved in the product and software design and development process.

Maurice has five issued patents, including three with Lemur relating to OBD2 sensing technology. Maurice graduated from Memorial University with a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical).

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