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“my go-to scanner.”

“This is my go-to scanner. If you need to get yourself a scanner, I would seriously consider the BlueDriver because not only can you read and clear the typical check engine light codes, you can also read and clear airbag, transmission, ABS, and other module codes (for Ford, GM, and Chrysler vehicles).”
— Chris Fix, 50+ million YouTube views

“Best scan tool for The price!”

“I have been a mechanic for 23 years I own a snap on Scan tool and use it daily. I recently purchase the BlueDriver as a scanner that I could take with me with ease I find it to be very easy to use and to it. Almost as much information as my $10,000 scanner...”
— Dale Sims, Mechanic of 23 years

“Simplistic and powerful scanner”

“I been a tech for over 10 years and was skeptical on purchasing the blue driver. I have used many high dollar scanners such as snap on and mac/otc. But im completely impressed on this blue driver unit on its ease of use and all of its features that it does at a mear fraction of the cost. I cant say enuff good things bout this blue driver scanner. Wish i bought one a long time ago.”
— Wetodd74, Technician of 10+ years

“Very happy with this.”

“Wow I love this thing, I'm a mechanic and have used lotsa different scan tools, this one is simple, has lotsa great features and does a smog readiness test for inspection time at DMV. Great value for the price. You could actually plug this into a used car while test driving it just to check for any hidden issues.”
— Michael J. Schmidt, Mechanic

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